All the land explodes in joyful celebration as the God of Wealth, Caishen ( 财神) descends to grant riches to those who venerate him. Everyone is welcome to share in this scattering of glistening gold and valuable jade -- so long as they’re willing to take a chance.


Don’t let the serenity of the Imperial gardens lull you away from the treasure hidden therein. Particularly lucky and intrepid visitors might chance upon the golden koi and the prosperity she brings. All will enjoy the balance and tranquility that the sacred site offers, however.


In the secluded, pristine bamboo forest long protected from the outside world, the pandas have thrived and lived long, happy lives. They welcome visitors happily and share the natural wealth that their area has to offer-- that includes the elusive lotus blossoms and an abundance of gold.


Explore the vast land of Polynesia like you have never seen before. Be an adventurer looking for various artifacts that will bring you an absurd amount of wealth. Items like a golden artifact from the last civilization, eggs from a legendary beast, pearls from the ocean, and many more hidden treasures to be found. Take a chance and win big. Play to your heart's content and watch as the exquisite colors of the game come to life in this 2D casino slot game made just for you.


Monster Manor is based on common Horror theme elements transformed to suit a more family friendly audience. Featuring lucky adventurers braving the haunted mansion, players will witness the friendly inhabitants as they immerse themselves in this unique slot theme.