All the land explodes in joyful celebration as the God of Wealth, Caishen ( 财神) descends to grant riches to those who venerate him. Everyone is welcome to share in this scattering of glistening gold and valuable jade-- so long as they’re willing to take a chance.

Dragon Master

Dragon Masters pays homage to the legendary Martial Arts Action Stats of the Kung-Fu movie era. In this intense story of love, betrayal, and revenge, two of the best ancient martial arts school in China, Lanlong (Blue Dragon) and Hong Hu (Red Tiger), clash in a tournament to find out which school is the best.


Relive the passions, intrigues, adventures, and battles of the Three Kingdoms era when China was at war with itself. Pick your side and join Cao Cao, Liu Bei, and Sun Quan in their quest for treasures and glory.


Lucky Fortunes is a slotgame theme based on popular symbols of prosperity, wealth and blessings found in East Asian Culture.

From generous amounts of Tong Bao, up to Golden statues of revered figures such as the Smiling Buddha, players will definitely feel their luck soar!


Emperor Tang Taizong (唐太宗) brought wealth, prosperity, and acclaim to ancient China--and his storehouses are open for those who want to share in his prosperity and riches. Gold and great fortune abound as the golden dragon graces the emperor’s palace.


Imperial Maiden transports the player back to Ancient China and in the time of fantastic Femme Fatales vying for the right to call themselves the strongest woman in the world!


Featuring the likeness of classic symbols of wealth such as the Smiling Buddha, Jade Turtle, White Tiger and the Red Phoenix, immerse yourselves as you receive the many blessings of Shen Long, the mighty Dragon God.